Use this tool to reformat CSV data into a HTML table,Wiki Table.

This conversion is now available as an API at

What can this tool do?

A HTML table makes it extremely easy to visualize your CSV. Unlike other sites, here you can see not only the HTML code, but the table itself, so this tool can be used as a CSV Viewer also.
  • Use this tool to convert delimited data to an HTML table
  • This tool will convert CSV to MediaWiki code

What are my options?

  • Filter output by any field.
  • Online CSV sort by field value in character or numeric order.
  • Total numeric fields - numeric fields can be summed and displayed in footer of table.
  • Choose and re-arrange CSV fields.
  • Add extra tag attributes to All, Even, or Odd rows New
  • Optionally choose output date format

What else?

Step 1: Select your input



Step 2: Choose input options (optional)

Input Options   

Field Separator:

Step 3: Choose output options (optional)

Output Options

Sort CSV  
 Field #TypeDirection
First By
Then By
Then By

Extra TR tag attributes 1 Apply to
Extra TR tag attributes 2 Apply to

Step 4: Create Custom Output via Template (optional)

Modify Template below and Press Convert See also CSV Templates

Step 5: Generate output

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