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Our converters are now available as an API at
There is no need to write custom data conversions our troubleshoot someone else's code. Our powerful converters will quickly and correctly convert CSV, JSON, XML, YAML into various formats. There are also NO privacy or security issues as the data stays on your computer and does not need the internet to operate. If your data exists on the internet, we include the ability to download and convert data directly from the web or REST API. Easy to use tools will solve your data conversion problems within minutes. We have both command line (CLI) tools and Windows desktop tools.


Converter License - $399
- Perpetual License for Small Business
- Unlimited Conversions
- Fully Customizable Output
- Setup Support Available
- Microsoft Windows Only
Desktop- Buy Now - Desktop
Command Line- Buy Now - CLI


Converter License - $399
- Perpetual License for Small Business
- Unlimited Conversions
- Fully Customizable Output
- Setup Support Available
- Microsoft Windows Only
Desktop- Buy Now
Command Line- Buy Now

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Commercial License - $1999
*All Converters Included*
- JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, SQL, and more
- Desktop and Command Line
- Perpetual Product License for Small Business
- Initial Setup Support
- Free Product Upgrades for two years
- Microsoft Windows Only
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Custom or Enterprise Solution

Do you need custom software solutions for your business? Do you need help with data conversions?
We can help!

Please contact us or email us at [email protected]

Command Prompt
C:\> json2csvcmd -h
usage: json2csvcmd [-h] [-i] [-o] [-e] [-d] [-k] [-l] [-N] [-X] [-U] [-S] [-c] [-L] [-V] (c) 2020 - 2023--> Convert JSON files to CSV/Excel
optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -i , --infile     JSON file/URL to convert.
  -e , --encoding   Set the encoding type.
  -d, --dump        Dump Config settings to file.
  -k , --key        Key value of target array in file.
  -l , --limit      Limit total lines written to CSV.
  -N, --noheading   Skip the headers.
  -X, --xlsx        Export CSV to Excel(xlsx).
  -U, --uselargest  Use largest array.
  -S, --suppress    Suppress line breaks.
  -c , --config     Config filename to load and use.
  -L, --lines       Input file is JSON Lines format
  -V, --verbose     Output helpful messages

Notable Features

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Convert large files safely and with ease.

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Handles all common encoding types, including UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, and many others.
Encoding type can be chosen at runtime.

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Easily customizable via the configuration file settings and command line options.

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Convert directly from URLs or REST APIs.
Write directly to CSV or Excel.

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Choose which output fields you want and the order of fields.

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Piping and redirection supported for input and output.

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Fully supports
RFC 4180 CSV standard for input and output.

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Data privacy is assured as our tools run completely on the client-side. Your data never leaves your computer


What Command-Line Conversions are supported?
We currently support

  1. JSON to CSV
  2. CSV to JSON
  3. CSV to XML
  4. XML to CSV
  5. CSV to CSV/Delimited/Excel ($399 USD)
  6. JSON to XML *
  7. Windows Desktop CSV to Anything Using Templates ($399 USD)
  8. CSV to Anything Using Templates Windows Command Line ($399 USD)
  9. XML to JSON *
  10. CSV to Fixed Width *
  11. CSV to HTML *
  12. CSV to SQL *
  13. YAML to CSV *
  14. YAML to JSON *
  15. YAML to XML *
*Available in Enterprise License (Contact Us)

Is my data secure?
Yes, your data never leaves your computer and all processing occurs on your computer. You do not need Internet connectivity to run our tools.

Can I buy your tools as a Desktop tool?
Yes - You may buy Desktop tools at the top of this page. See the Buy Now button.

Do you have an API?
Not yet, but coming soon in 2020.

How do I use this tool with web data?
Simply use the web address as your input file using parameter -i or --infile on the command line.

c:\> json2csvcmd -i

What Operating Systems are supported?
Microsoft Windows currently, Apple and Linux coming soon.