This tool will convert CSV text to fixed width format.

This conversion is now available as an API at

What is a flat file? A flat (or fixed width) file is a plain text file where each field value is the same width and padded with spaces. It is much easier to read than CSV files but takes up more space than CSV. We examine the CSV value and remember the longest width for each field. We then output each field padded to the longest width. We add one additional space (optionally another character) before each field. Each field can be converted to upper case or lower case. You can left justify the text, right justify text, or center justify each field value.
We also will convert a CSV or Excel data to an ASCII Table by checking "ASCII Table-ize It".
See also Fixed Width to CSV

Step 1: Select your input


Step 2: Choose input options (optional)

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Step 3: Choose output options (optional)

Output Options

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Step 4: Generate output

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NEW -You can now Save the complete data and settings, and then later Load them from your saved file.